Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Location, Location, Location

(1:03) It's true in real estate and it's true in your marketing. What use is a masterful message or a terrific deal if boaters never see it? What use is it if they only see it when they're not ready to act?

(0:57) Traditional advertising talked about the number of exposures a customer needed to act on a product or service. Then came the digital world and the internet and everything changed. It became possible to more finely target your customer which raised the question of how to best do that.

(0:50) I'm sure you've had the same experience I have where you are looking to buy a widget. You search online stores, read reviews, and make your selection. Then for the next 3 months, ads for widgets keep popping up on Facebook, search pages, and everywhere else! That's wasted advertising.

(0:42) Imagine this. What if you could present your message at precisely the moment a boater is exploring his next destination, creating a route, and then executing that plan? All that is possible today using the many 3rd party navigation apps and chartplotters that support the ActiveCaptain data.

(0:34) You probably think of the website when you think of ActiveCaptain. After all, that's where you interact with your Partner page, read reviews, and modify your data. But did you realize that only about 20% of boaters access your information that way? Yet our website traffic still blows away the competition.

(0:25) The vast majority of boaters use the ActiveCaptain data through other apps and charts. Unfortunately, I find many marinas confused about what this means. That's my fault and I hope to fix that now.

(0:20) The ActiveCaptain website is a great tool when a boater is dreaming. When the boater begins planning, they will typically turn to one of the marine navigation apps or use their chartplotter. This is where the rubber meets the road. It is your final chance to make sure you are in their plans.

(0:12) ActiveCaptain is the only place where marina, hazard, and other critical data, along with your Promotional messages, specials, and other content, are provided to boaters throughout the entire process. As we all know, boating plans change, a lot. If you are not there at every step then you're missing the opportunity to project your message at the perfect moment in time.

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.