Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Did You Dazzle?

(1:10) If you want boaters to write and talk about you, you have two choices, you can either provide a poor customer experience or you can provide a great customer experience. Provide simply a good customer experience and it will be forgotten. Offering good experiences is what a boater expects which creates a neutral and highly forgettable experience.

(1:01) To dazzle the boater you need to provide a perfect experience and then deliver something extra. Accomplishing this is the best way to create loyalty and repeat business. And study after study shows the huge benefit of retaining existing customers verses winning new ones.

(0:53) If a boater is merely satisfied with the experience at your marina, it does not make him especially eager to continue the relationship, nor anxious to terminate it. But let the boater find something he perceives as better and he will switch. That's what happens when he is merely satisfied with the experience you offer.

(0:44) How can you exceed expectations and dazzle boaters?

Whenever possible tell the boater "yes". I wrote about one of my favorite "yes" experiences in my Minute titled "Finding Yes."

Ask boaters about their experiences with your marina. Follow your reviews to find out if you are meeting and exceeding expectations or falling short. Listen carefully and act on what you learn.

Create relationships with boaters and the boating community. One aspect I have noted in many highly successful marinas is the ability to make boaters feel like family - coming to the marina feels like coming home. A sincere greeting, remembering personal details, offering assistance are all acts that contribute to a sense of belonging.

Keep the level of quality high and inline with what you are charging. Too often I see reviews complaining when the boater feels he has been charged a premium price for a standard marina.

Let every boater know that you appreciate their business. Make sure to say thank you. Offer loyal boaters something special, a free drink at the bar or a discount on their return. Throw a party.

Offer something unique. Stock Island Marina has an on-site dog park. Great Harbour Cay Marina offered classes in Bahamian crafts and cooking. Brunswick Landing Marina throws free cocktail parties. Providing something new and unique will make boaters remember you.

(0:05) Find a way to dazzle boaters and you'll see more positive reviews. That means more business for you.

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.