Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Don't Guess, Ask

(0:58) One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make is not knowing what brings customers in. They spend (waste?) their marketing dollars on poor performing or out-of-date marketing programs because they don't really know what works and are afraid to stop a promotion for fear that it's "the one".

(0:45) Let this be the last year you spend marketing dollars on dead campaigns and the year you find out what actually brings in boaters. How? Ask.

(0:39) Every boater that enters your marina must be asked what brought them there. This has to be a required part of every check in, phone inquiry, or request for information. Put it on the check in form with some selections and let the boater check off the one that brought them to you. Customers are happy to tell you and may even elaborate on their favorite source. Of course, sometimes it's easy, just look for the ActiveCaptain hat.

(0:23) Never stop asking. To ensure you are always making the best use of your resources you need to continue to ask the question. This is the only way you can stay on top of changes in the market. Print ads that worked years ago have little impact in today's digital world. New players enter the market offering innovations that can make existing ones obsolete.

(0:06) Make sure you know what sources are bringing you revenue and which ones can be put to bed.

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Welcome to The Marina Minute

(1:00) The Marina Minute takes just a minute of your time each week. That minute will help you market and promote your marina, suggest ways to maximize your impact, and provide ideas to help you take advantage of the new technologies available, like social media. I'll cover common questions, new ideas, new features, new technologies, and any topic that can help give you an edge and attract more business.

(0:44) My topics will come from my own experiences in high-tech marketing, my 9 years of cruising and living aboard, and experiences learned from you and my fellow boaters. I want you to be successful because not only does that impact the success of ActiveCaptain, but it also improves the entire boating community. My community. When that happens, we all win.

(0:29) So watch for The Marina Minute in your inbox every Tuesday. Give me a minute and I'll give you a new idea, a new perspective, a new twist, a new way to think about how you reach, win, and retain your customers.

(0:19) But it doesn't stop here. Follow The Marina Minute on Facebook where we can share thoughts, opinions, questions, and ideas. Use LinkedIn to participate in open discussions with your peers. Sign up for Twitter and I'll let you know when new topics have been added to The Marina Minute blog. The blog will compile every Marina Minute to give you one place to revisit past messages and lookup ones you missed.

(0:04) Just one minute, once a week.

(0:02) And that's the first marina minute.