Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Customer Experience - A Brief Definition

(0:52) I've written about the concept of Customer Experience. I found a concise definition on the Forrester Research website that I wanted to share:
"How customers perceive their interactions with your company."

(0:46) They break down the Customer Experience into 3 components by looking at it from the customer's perspective. Experiences must be useful, usable, and enjoyable. I like the simplicity.

(0:42) As I thought about this approach, it occurred to me that the first two components are somewhat self-evident, at least if you are listening to your customers and following your competition.

(0:38) Your services must be useful to the boater offering the amenities they expect at a fair price. Obviously, I need to be able to access what you offer including safely getting to your docks and ashore, and finding and using your amenities as I expect.

(0:31) It is the final component that I think is often overlooked. Is the customer experience enjoyable?

(0:28) Not only is it harder to define, it has the least consistency across boaters. While the usefulness and usability of your marina will be impacted by a given boater's expectations, there are pieces that can be defined. Is your depth as advertised so I can get safely to your dock? Is your facility clean? And so forth.

(0:19) We all enjoy different things. For example, one boater may find the live music at the onsite bar enjoyable, while another might find it intolerable. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, you can mitigate this problem by properly managing your message.

(0:13) However, I believe there are some things that can be done to engage most every boaters. Friendly, knowledgeable staff, committed to helping the boater will go a long way. Many studies have shown that when it comes to satisfying customers, emotion plays the largest part.

(0:06) Pay attention to the experience boaters are having at your facility. Keep them smiling and happy and you will have more business.

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.