Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Style over Substance

(1:02) We've all fallen into the trap of being unwisely swayed by style over substance. I think it's human nature to be drawn to a shiny penny. There are many willing to take advantage of this quirk. They will try to wow with some snappy graphics, important sounding words, a little flair, and hope that you don't notice their lack of substance.

(0:52) We have a good friend who has many fine qualities but logical thinking isn't one of them. He has had some property for sale for a few years now. He was recently bemoaning his inability to sell it. "Maybe, you should look at a different real estate agent," I said.

(0:46) Oh, no. He launched into a fawning description of all his current agent was doing for him. The crux of it was a weekly report the agent gave him with graphs and maps and pictures showing how many buyers where looking at the online listing.

(0:40) "So, how many people has he shown the property to?" I said. "None," he said. "None? You mean not a one?" At which point he resumed telling me about the beautiful reports he received each week.

(0:35) Now, I can't say if this agent was intentionally doing a flimflam on my friend or not, but I do know the agent's lack of substance will never be made up by his impressive style.

(0:31) I'm not saying that your marketing messages shouldn't have style. Style is more than flash. Good style shows professionalism and caring and will definitely draw boaters into your message. The same holds true for the mediums you choose to deliver your marketing messages. Are they just glossy facades or do they reach your target audience in a meaningful way?

(0:21) What I am saying is don't be fooled that style alone will win you business. Make sure your message has substance and content that boaters care about, not just pretty pictures and important sounding words. Choose your medium carefully and make sure it can deliver real results.

(0:13) Don't be fooled by a shiny penny with claims to bring you riches. Test your message, test your medium. If it's not working, change it. Discover what is bringing you customers. Ask boaters, keep track of their answers, and adjust accordingly.

(0:06) Finding the right combination of a solid, meaningful marketing message, and the right medium to present it takes effort. But if you do it right you will see more business.

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.