Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Marina Response

(1:02) Recently, I have received a lot requests for instructions on how to respond to boater reviews. So it seems like a good time to go over your options.

(0:59) You can send a private message to the boater using the ActiveCaptain messaging capability. If you are unfamiliar with this feature you can find instructions here:

(0:56) An ActiveCaptain Partner can also provide a Management Response, a public message attached to the review. To access this capability, go to your ActiveCaptain Partner page. On the right-hand side look for the Reviews section.

(0:51) This is a summary of your ActiveCaptain reviews. It lists the total number of reviews, the number of Management Responses, your average stars rating, and, if you don't yet qualify for 1st Choice, how many 5 star reviews you need to qualify. Beneath that is a button, "List Reviews."

(0:45) Selecting that button will take you to your Review List which lists every review your marina has received in chronological order starting with the most recent. Included will be the review title and date, the captain name, homeport, captain number of points, and the review text. Beneath that will be your Management Response for that review, if applicable, or "No response" if you have not entered one.

(0:34) Click on the "Respond" button to write a response. This will display the "Respond to a Review" page showing the review information and a text field for entering your Management Response. Select "Submit" when you are done. This will take you back to your Review List and display your response beneath the original review. You can change your response by selecting the "Edit Response" button.

(0:23) Note, when you enter a Management Response, an ActiveCaptain message is sent to the reviewer notifying him that you have responded to the review. The next time the boater logs into ActiveCaptain, a message notification will appear. If the boater has selected to have messages sent to his inbox then an email will be sent as well. The same thing will happen if you edit your response.

(0:13) So bear in mind that each time you touch your Management Response, the boater will be notified. It's good practice to create your message in a word processor so that you can spell-check and edit it until you are pleased with the final product. Then, cut and paste it into the Management Response field.

(0:07) Management Response is a powerful tool when used sparingly and wisely. You should respond to every negative review and occasionally to positive ones. Keep your response professional, brief, and positive. Use it to show boaters that you care about their business.

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.