Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Noise, Noise, Noise, Noise

(1:00)  It is not uncommon to see boater reviews complaining about noise at the dock, particularly late night noise. Yes, most boaters realize that docks are fairly close quarters so we will be hearing more of our neighbors than we would on land. However, there is an expectation that noise is not so loud or so late as to disrupt our stay.

(0:51) It doesn't matter if the noise comes from a barking dog on another boat, the nearby bar playing music well into the night, or a party on the dock. If the noise is felt to be a disturbance, it will backsplash on your marina and could lead to a negative review.

(0:45) I realize that this can often be difficult to manage. But there are some things you can do, and should do, if you want to be a good host to the boaters at your marina.

(0:42) You should have a noise policy and enforce it. I can't tell you exactly what this should be as it will depend somewhat on your particular environment. A marina in the midst of a tourist destination with an active nightlife will have a different standard than one in a remote location with little nearby.

(0:35) Whatever you choose, ensure that transients are aware of the expectations. Be as specific as possible. What time is "quiet time" and what does that mean? No music playing, parties must move inside, etc.

(0:30) A courteous noise level to one person might not be to another. Try not to leave it to chance.

(0:28) Make sure that the proper expectations are set prior to the boater arriving. For example, include information that Wednesday is karaoke night at the bar onsite. It will draw in some boaters, while others may chose to come in on Thursday instead. State when the event ends. I might not mind if I know it will stop at 10 pm.

(0:19) Make sure to include special or unusual events. If there's an upcoming celebration with fireworks commencing at midnight, make sure boaters know. Again, some will come just for the event while others may stay away to come later.

(0:14) Whatever requirements you determine, it is critical that you enforce them. Do not make boaters act as the police. If parties should leave the dock by 11 pm, there should be marina staff that can politely remind them at 11:05 pm.

(0:09) It all comes down to my expectations and personal preferences. Some like being in the midst of things and others just want peace and quiet. If you give me the information I need to decide for myself, you'll have a happy customer. That means a better review and that means more business for you.

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.