Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Make or Break

(0:56) Periodically, I snoop around the ActiveCaptain reviews to find out what boaters are experiencing. While most any review can be enlightening, I find I learn the most from a negative review.

(0:52) I recently read a 1 star review from a boater who was unhappy with his slip assignment. Apparently it was exposed creating an unpleasant roll. So he called the marina office on the radio to inquire about the possibility of moving. An inexperienced staffer asked his supervisor while still keying the mic allowing the boater (and all others listening in) to hear, "Tell him it is the only slip we have and he can take it or leave it."

(0:40) Uh, oh. The reviewer wrote, "Now clearly transient boaters do not have the right to pick and choose their own slip, but everyone deserves a little common courtesy." Yes...

(0:35) He concluded his review with, "I have found through reading other reviews, and through my own experience that the staff makes or breaks a marina."

(0:31) I couldn't agree more. Brand new state of the art docks, luxurious facilities, and a 5 star restaurant cannot make up for surly, indifferent, or incompetent staff. Alternatively, terrific staff can easily make up for some shortcomings in amenities.

(0:24) Your staff's number one priority must be to make every boater's experience exceptional. That will not happen by chance. It is up to you.

(0:21) Regular staff training and leading by example are key. Tell staff what is expected. Train them in how to interact with boaters. Show them by your own example the importance off treating every boater exceptionally. Create an environment where your staff feels appreciated and happy.

(0:12) Every boater should be greeted pleasantly, on the dock, in the office, wherever they are encountered. Be alert to a boater needing assistance and offer to help. Make sure your staff is knowledgable about the amenities you offer and what is available nearby.

(0:05) Don't leave it to chance. Make it a priority. Because it will make or break your marina.

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.