Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Budget For It

(1:10) Last week I wrote about the top 5 things you can do to increase boater reviews. There was actually a 6th item but I ran out of time. I only have a minute after all. But I also felt this item was important enough to take a minute just for it.

(1:03) 6. Put it in your marketing budget.
I'm often asked by our Partner marinas how they can spend more money with ActiveCaptain. It's a flattering question, however, I have to tell them there's no more to spend, at least not with us. What marinas are really wanting is a way to spend the rest of their marketing budget that is as effective as ActiveCaptain.

(0:52) I believe we are effective because we have chosen a new more impactful way of reaching out to boaters. My suggestion is to take what you might currently be spending on outdated media and use it in new and innovative ways as well.

(0:46) You need to have a marketing budget item for Boater Reviews. Doing this does more than simply provide you with revenue to accomplish this goal. It gives this important asset the prominence it deserves.

(0:40) Too often budgets are set based on what was done last year or for the past 10 years. Successful businesses budget for what is needed today. Now is the time to stop throwing money away on outdated advertising and put it towards the things that will actually bring in more business.

(0:32) And absolutely nothing has more impact on new business today than a myriad of positive reviews. The statistics are overwhelming.

(0:29) There are a variety of ways you can use your Boater Review budget. Modify your website with an easy link to your ActiveCaptain marker. Instructions for creating that link are here:

(0:25) Consider having your Partner Review Reminder Card printed professionally. Include the card in your Welcome Packet, have it available where boaters check out. Make sure your staff has access to cards to hand out when a boater gives a compliment.

(0:18) If your staff is uncomfortable with asking for a review, invest in some training. Make sure that everyone who interacts with your customers understands the importance of asking for reviews. Do some role playing, so they feel more comfortable.

(0:12) Consider an incentive plan. I know of marinas who give staff bonuses when a certain number of reviews are reached. Another, gives a reward to any employee who is mentioned positively in a review. One with multiple locations is running a contest between them to see who can get the most reviews.

(0:05) Be creative and do what makes sense for your business. I can think of no better use of your marketing dollars than to increase boater reviews.

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.