Tuesday, November 17, 2015


(1:03) In all aspects of life, nothing is more important than good communications. It can prevent bad situations from happening and reduce their effect when they do occur.

(0:58) It is rare to see a negative review that does not involve a lack of communications, inadequate communications, or just plain bad communications. It is critical that you provide boaters with the communications they need, whether it is good VHF radio skills, a well put together welcome packet, or adequate signage. If you are a boatyard this is true, tenfold. You have to keep boaters abreast of progress, set backs, and costs.

(0:48) Within the ActiveCaptain website and the new Locations app, there are several ways for you to communicate with boaters about reviews, information, specials, and customer service issues.

(0:43) Some are broad reaching, such as ensuring your ActiveCaptain data is current and accurate. ActiveCaptain Partners can go a step further and promote their unique appeal, upcoming events, and specials using their Pro-Op, Cross Promotion, and Co-Op messages. Make sure you are taking advantage of these powerful tools.

(0:36) You can also reach out to a boater in a more direct and personal way. Communicate privately with boaters who have written a review to thank them, apologize, or gain more information by using the captain's messaging feature on the website. You can find instructions here:

(0:29) ActiveCaptain Partners can publicly address a specific review by utilizing the Management Response feature. A Management Response can be a great way to tell boaters that you are interested in their feedback and that you take customer service seriously. You can find more information in the Marina's Guide to ActiveCaptain:

(0:22) There is now also messaging through Boater Locations. The forms of communication mentioned above are what I think of as passive - boaters bring up the ActiveCaptain data or find a message on the website or in their email inbox. Messaging through Locations is an active form of communications. The message is actually pushed out to the boater. The boater can even have their phone or tablet alert them that a message has been received.

(0:13) While this form of messaging can be extremely powerful, it is important that it be used with great care. Boater privacy is paramount in Locations, so much so, that a boater has the ability to block messages from a given source. Don't be that source.

(0:06) I will be exploring this new Boater Locations capability over the coming weeks. Together I want us to learn how to use it so we all win.

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.