Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Using Boater Locations, Part 1

(1:02) I've been getting you ready for the new capabilities of Locations for some time now. Many boaters have been utilizing the new features to enhance their experience on the water. It's time for our Partners to get involved and use these capabilities to better satisfy boater needs and generate more business.

(0:55) Locations provides boaters with an interactive community where they can find friends and other boaters with like interests. Through Locations they can communicate with other boaters, follow them as they travel, and even meet up along the way. Staying connected through this community can greatly enhance the experience of cruising.

(0:48) ActiveCaptain Partners are a part of the community as well. Over the coming weeks and months I'll be showing how you can best be a valuable member. The key will be adding value and not just noise to the community.

(0:43) We are starting this adventure together, learning as we go. It will take creativity, patience, and most importantly, listening to boaters. Remember, this is primarily the boaters' community and you want to be a welcomed member.

(0:38) So what should you do first? If you do not already have an eBoatCards account now is the time to set yours up. It's simple.

(0:35) Go to www.eBoatCards.com and enter your ActiveCaptain account information (email and password) in the upper right. Select Login. It will step you through the process. The next step is to email me with your account information so that I can turn on your Partner designation. If you are a Partner that already has an electronic boat card account without a partner designation, email me as well.

(0:27) Now you can begin to explore. Once logged in, click on Boater Locations on the left. This allows you to see the location of ActiveCaptain boaters who have allowed access to Partners. The first time you select this option you will see a zoomed out view of a map. As you zoom in and pan the map you will begin to see markers.

(0:19) Click on a marker to see basic information about the boater. Notice the Send Message button. This is used to send a message to that boater. But don't use that just yet. Future Minutes will discuss how best to use this capability.

(0:13) Note, a boater can block any account that sends an unwanted message. This powerful capability needs to be carefully understood before using it.

(0:08) For now become familiar with the features and with the boaters who are passing though your area. Begin to think about how you might reach out to them in ways they will want. Do this well and you will see more business.

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.