Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Preparing for Locations

(1:10) I first introduced you to the ActiveCaptain Locations app back in June. If you missed that Minute you can find it on the Marina Minute blog here:

(1:04) This week we are announcing the next release of Locations with enhancements to Groups capabilities. Additional features will be coming as well.

(1:00) There are currently over 500 Groups in ActiveCaptain covering a wide variety of areas. These Groups include boat types, such as Beneteau sailboats and DeFever trawlers, and cruising areas, such as the Chesapeake Bay and Cuba, and areas of special interest like pets onboard and liveaboard cruisers.

(0:53) What does this mean to you?

(0:51) As boaters join groups of other boaters with like interests, they are letting us know what is important to them. And knowing what is important to your customers is the first step to satisfying their needs. We all know that a satisfied customer will not only return but they'll tell others through their reviews and conversations.

(0:44) I believe this feature offers a powerful way to reach out to targeted groups of boaters. The next release of Locations will have a Messaging feature allowing boaters to easily communicate with one another. It will also offer a way for ActiveCaptain Sponsors to reach out with information and specials. The key will be to reach out in ways the boaters will see as useful and not spam.

(0:35) To do this you need to understand the needs of boaters - deciding who is, and who is not your customer. Successful businesses always know exactly who is their "perfect customer."

(0:30) Knowing what you do well and what you are not able to provide allows you to focus your marketing efforts. You won't waste money on promotions that miss the mark. Instead you can spend money on promotions, events, and amenities that will satisfy your target boater's needs.

(0:22) Can you describe your perfect customer? That boater who would be crazy not to spend time at your marina? Think about it. It encompasses the boat, the boater, and the specific needs the boater has.

(0:16) Now is the time to begin defining who is your perfect customer. Read through your reviews to understand what boaters like and don't like about your marina. Walk the docks and notice the boats and people who are there. Chat with boaters to find out more about them. Gather you staff together and brainstorm.

(0:08) The better you can define the boaters that you can truly satisfy, the better you will be able to craft a message that will draw them in. And that will mean more business for you.

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.