Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tell Me Whatcha Got!

(1:06) Marinas often want to know what they can do to bring in more boaters. Of course, there are the obvious things - clean bathrooms (the number one reason for a negative review); friendly, competent dockhands; sturdy safe docks.

(0:59) But once you've nailed the basics what more can you do? Let boaters know whatcha got.

(0:53) There are almost as many reasons a boater selected your marina as there are boaters. And what one boater is looking for today can be very different next week. So its important that you let boaters know everything that is available to them. That "something" which might seem unimportant to you, could be just the thing I'm looking for.

(0:46) Make sure that your ActiveCaptain marker describes all of the services that are available to a boater both at and nearby your marina. If I can walk, use a courtesy car, or hop on public transportation to access a service or amenity, it should be listed in your marker.

(0:38) Often these services will influence which marina I choose. I might be celebrating an anniversary and looking for a nice restaurant. I could be looking for a dentist, a hairdresser, or a post office. My pet may need a veterinarian. Maybe I need to buy a birthday gift. The list is almost endless.

(0:29) Some service areas are so common that ActiveCaptain has specific items for them, such as Restaurants and Grocery. Services not listed should go under the Other Services category. And don't forget Attractions.

(0:23) Is there a museum, hiking trail, park, or simply a lovely town to visit? Make sure you note it.

(0:19) Don't stop your entries by just listing the services. Make sure to include addresses, phone numbers, websites, and even directions with distances. The surrounding services you provide will make it easier for me to put them into my plans and choose your marina. And don't forget events. That farmer's market, art walk, or jazz festival might be just the thing that steers me to your marina.

(0:10) Make it someone's job to update this information in ActiveCaptain, on your website, and in your welcome packet.

(0:06) Tell boaters whatcha got and they'll have more reasons to choose you over your competition.

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.