Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Services for Boaters

(1:01) A few weeks back I wrote about the importance of providing the full experience to a boater. The more reasons you can give for coming into your marina and for staying longer, the more business you'll have. Boat and boating services are an important draw. If I know I can come and get some things done, that will give you a leg up over the competition.

(0:54) Many of you already have information in your Welcome Packets and on your website about what is available at your facility or nearby. These are important marketing tools. But we are now taking that to the next step.

(0:48) In last week's ActiveCaptain newsletter we introduced a new capability we will be rolling out this month - Services. In the same way that boaters love reading the reviews of other boaters when deciding where to stay, they also want to find out about the businesses that perform the various services they need.

(0:40) The new capability is starting with four categories: Boat Brokers, Surveyors, Transport - Land, and Transport - Water. We will be adding canvas repair next and continue to roll out new categories over the coming months until 40 different categories of services are available. You can see a list of the planned services by creating an account on eBoatCards and clicking on Services at the top right:

(0:31) So how can you use this new capability to promote your facility? Well, first if you offer any of these services yourself, ensure that you are listed in the categories as we release them. You will be able to claim your listing for the category and there will be additional promotional capabilities for Featured businesses.

(0:24) Then make sure the quality businesses in your area are also listed and claimed. Encourage them to Feature their business as well.

(0:20) As the categories go up, boaters will be writing reviews. If you are reading this Minute then I know you are aware of the power of positive reviews for a business. Having highly rated marine service businesses in your area will also enhance your place in boaters minds.

(0:13) I will be writing more about this new capability in future Minutes. For now start to think about what you can offer nearby. Make sure you have an eBoatCards account for your marina or boatyard. Develop some relationships and get your area rated highly.

(0:06) The combination of a highly rated marina with highly rated businesses nearby is very powerful. And that's good for you!

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.