Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Keep It Nautical

(0:57) It's becoming common for businesses to display a small Google Map on their website showing their location on a street map. I've seen a few marina websites that are starting to do this as well. It's a nice touch that can help give a visual of where you are. But does it really make sense for a boater to look at a street map?

(0:48) Shouldn't you be giving me what is more relevant to me, an actual nautical chart? Yes, I know some of you put up a chartlet showing your location but that's a static image - yawn. What if I want to gain a better perspective of where I am, maybe check out the nearby inlet or a bridge opening? Having something boaters can interact with will keep them engaged and on your website for longer.

(0:38) What if you could imbed ActiveCaptain on your website? I mean all of ActiveCaptain. A boater can see your marina displayed on a nautical chart, click on the marker to quickly view your amenities, pricing, and boater reviews. Now imagine this. What if they could write a review right there?

(0:30) We've been working with GeoData Engineering as they incorporate ActiveCaptain data into their Aqua Map iOS application. We've found them to not only be very good technically but also very forward thinking. Last week they released a website plugin that will allow you to imbed a real interactive chart with your ActiveCaptain marker in the center. And this is no simple chartlet. It will do all that I have described and more.

(0:20) Here's the best part. While any marina can imbed this capability for a fee, they have agreed to waive the setup fee ($100) and first year's usage fee ($99) for any ActiveCaptain Sponsor. This allows you to try out this new and interesting capability for free. You can try a demo here:

(0:11) Go on - zoom, pan, click on the marker for more info. Click on the ActiveCaptain logo in the upper right, login, and you can view all the markers.

(0:06) Add this capability to your website. Show boaters that you know what they want. They'll show you more business.

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.