Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Boater Events

(0:59) Are you taking advantage of events to promote your marina and to keep your transient and long-term slip holders interested and engaged? An event is a great way to draw in boaters and get them to stay longer. Plus, by showing them a good time, they will be more likely to return, tell others, and write a positive review. And the best part is that the definition of an event covers a broad range of activities, making it more likely you can take advantage of this valuable marketing tool.

(0:48) I've written previously about the importance of knowing what events, both large and small, are happening nearby. It could be the huge Spoleto Festival that happens each May in Charleston, the wonderful Dogfest we attended in Cocoa Village a couple of years ago, or the weekly farmer's market and art show in Sarasota. Any one of these and more is enough reason for boaters to come in or extend their stays.

(0:37) But don't overlook smaller events you can plan yourself. It could be a holiday event, the Super Bowl party, even a solstice celebration. They might be weekly or monthly potlucks, or docktails.

(0:31) We were surprised at the success of a recent fairly impromptu talk we gave here at Cocoa Village Marina. We had chatted with another boater about the Medical Emergencies Onboard talk we have given many times and he ask if we'd give it here. Of course we would.

(0:24) A few weeks passed and one Monday afternoon he stopped by the boat to say he had the clubhouse reserved for Thursday - were we in? I agreed to get him a description and bio. By Wednesday afternoon there was a sign on the marina office door. We figured 6 or 8 boaters might show up.

(0:15) On Thursday evening, the room was full of boaters and we had a wonderful time as did the boaters. Many have stopped by to thank us. Numerous transients expressed feeling lucky to have been there for the talk.

(0:08) It was a small thing that made the experience just a little more memorable for everyone. And being memorable, in a positive way, is good for business.

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.