Tuesday, October 31, 2017

New Listing Page

(1:01) One of the biggest changes on the new website is the new Listing Pages for markers. A common request, especially from marinas and boatyards, was to provide an easier way to update marker data and to make it available on mobile devices. Entering new fields one at a time quickly becomes tedious when you were trying to bring all of your data up to date. I get it, I've been there many times.

(0:49) Now there's a simple way to update your data with one fell swoop. If you accessed your Marina Listing page, which I discussed in the Minute for October 17th, then you're already familiar with this new resource.

(0:42) This same page is accessed when you select "Details" from a marker in the new Live Map. You can now quickly and easily check your data and make changes or additions.

(0:38) But that's not all. These new pages do not require Flash to open. That means they can be accessed from a smartphone or tablet. That also means that boaters can write reviews for your business from any device that has internet access.

(0:31) Moving away from Flash has not only allowed the full ActiveCaptain website to be accessed from mobile devices, it also is making it more secure. However, if you are an ActiveCaptain power user, you may notice some things missing.

(0:26) The new live map will continue to add features to completely replace the old Flash Live Map. Currently, it is great for looking at ActiveCaptain markers, making changes to details, and writing reviews. If you need some of the other features like routes and measure path, the original live map is still on the website. Click the More menu and select Live Map (Flash version).

(0:13) Make sure you have created your electronic boat card. Instructions can be found at the link below. I am available to answer any questions you might have. Contact me if you have a problem or need me to turn on your Partner status for your electronic boat card.


(0:04) There are some cool things coming. Stay tuned.

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.