Tuesday, May 2, 2017

It's Emotional

(1:03) Research shows that it is a customer's emotional response to your marina that will have the greatest impact on satisfaction and future loyalty. The bottom line is that emotions are fundamental to how customers make their buying decisions. What are some things you can do to elicit positive emotions towards your marina?

(0:54) You need to move past simply "positive" or "negative" emotions and think more specifically about the feelings you want to evoke about your marina. Make sure that you are considering the emotions that are involved at each boater interaction with your marina. They will vary based on the touchpoint.

(0:45) For example, I want the dockhands to make me feel secure and safe as I approach the dock. I want the office to make me feel welcomed and appreciated as I check in. Empathy and ownership of the problem are feelings I want if I have a problem.

(0:38) The emotions evoked can also vary based on the type of marina a boater visits. If you are a marina located in a popular tourist area, it could be the feelings of fun and safety. A resort style marina might want the boater to feel pampered. While a marina catering to transients on the move should make a boater feel stress-free and at ease.

(0:27) In the book "Sell the Feeling," Larry Pinci and Phil Glosserman state that there are three key emotions a customer needs to feel before doing business with someone:

(0:22) • Trust - People feel they can depend on you - that you mean what you say and you'll do what you say.

(0:19) • Confidence - They feel you have the goods, the know-how, the competence, and expertise to meet their needs.

(0:16) • A feeling of being taken care of - you have their interests at heart and that you'll take care of them throughout the transaction, and beyond, if necessary.

(0:12) It's important that boaters feel a connection with your marina and the staff if you wish to have long-term loyal customers, create powerful mouth-of-word, and earn positive reviews. While it's important to have the tangible features - good docks, clean restrooms, reliable WiFi - creating a solid emotional connection is often what will close the sale.

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.