Tuesday, April 25, 2017

I'm a Traveler, Not a Tourist

(0:58) In past Minutes I have discussed the importance of acquainting boaters with the amenities and attractions that are available around the marina. It is important that a boater understand what is available to make their stay enjoyable. Showers, laundry, groceries, and more are all basic necessities that boaters seek out. But it is also possible to take it to the next level. Use your local knowledge to give boaters a genuine experience.

(0:43) Experienced travelers generally do not like to think of themselves as tourists. It brings up images of ticky-tacky shops, cheap t-shirts, and disappointing food. They would rather get to know a destination as opposed to simply hitting all of the overhyped attractions.

(0:35) This is where you can offer your unique experience as a local. Offer advice on what is popular with residents and help boaters experience those opportunities. Most boaters will enjoy exploring the hidden spots you tell them about, participating in local activities, and eating traditional and authentic cuisine.

(0:25) These experiences are important marketing tools and can be used to attract boaters to your marina. Include information on your website and in ActiveCaptain so that the boater can factor it into their decision of where to stay. Also include it in the Welcome Packet you provide so it is easy for them to find the destination. Include phone numbers, directions, website links, as well as timely information, e.g., special events.

(0:12) It could be as simple as Palm Coast Marina recommending a fabulous local pizzeria over Pizza Hut when we wanted delivery pizza. Or the unforgettable experience of a sunset kayak tour offered by Marineland Marina.

(0:05) Your recommendations can make the difference between a fine stay and a memorable one.

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.