Tuesday, November 8, 2016

4 Principles

(0:57) One of the things I love about writing these Minutes is the feedback I receive from you. Whether it is thanking me, giving a different view, or offering suggestions, I gain so much from every email and comment.

(0:52) I particularly like when I am presented with a different take on an old lesson. Each of us has a unique way of seeing things, of learning, of assimilating. Sometimes presenting a message with a slightly different twist can bring it home. I'm never shy about offering the wisdom of others.

(0:44) I've often written about various aspects of excellent customer service and business success. A business can only survive if it is satisfying the customer. It can only succeed if it is doing that better than the competition.

(0:38) A few weeks ago, a friend sent me a link to an article by Tracy Reasoner, VP at Transair about his company's philosophy on success. I liked the concise way he summed up what makes his company successful.

(0:33) Here are the four basic principles Transair abides by:

(0:31) * Show up: Be present and aware. From being on time to being completely aware of your environment, safety is always the No. 1 priority.

(0:28) * Be open: Don’t ignore anything, and be completely open to change. Flexibility allows you to get the job done, no matter the circumstances.

(0:24) * Serve what is true: Take the time to do what is right. Don’t cut corners. Be true to yourself. These tenets will ultimately translate into better service for the customer and the company alike.

(0:19) * Receive the results: Don’t ignore, be defensive or judgmental. Let the results speak for themselves. Take responsibility for yourself and your team.

(0:16) These points may seem simple but truly mastering them is not easy. Some days are rough. Sometimes time is short or customers are difficult. We can all think of an excuse for falling short.

(0:11) Excellent customer service requires intense focus, drive, and a bit of a tough skin. It is important for every business but even more so for a service business such as a marina.

(0:06) There is no doubt that if you can follow these four principles every day, you will have more success. Do it one day at a time, starting today.

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.