Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Finding Your Target Market

(1:03) One key to successful marketing is being able to accurately define your target market - that boater who is destined to be your customer. Understanding who these boaters are and why they come to your facility can help you focus your efforts. How can you find and attract these critical customers?

(0:54) Know your current customers
Keep track of information about the boaters that are already using your services. Boat type, size, transients or long term, and what services they use are all things you should readily know. Now think even further. Are they DIY'ers, leave it and forget or somewhere in between? Do they travel a long distance or are you the closest option? Is social interactions important? Are they families with children or retirees? The possibilities go on and on. The more information you can gather about the boaters that are already using your services, the better you can target new customers.

(0:33) Ask how they found you
I've done whole Minutes on this idea and I am still amazed at the number of marinas that do not find out what brought a boater in. From a purely practical standpoint it allows you to stop wasting your money on promotional activities that are not working. It also allows you to put more efforts into the ones that are. It can provide insight into their interests and habits. Always ask a boater how they found out about your facility - always.

(0:18) Ask Them to Write a Review
While any positive review is good, reviews from boaters who fit your target market can be even more powerful. They are more likely to touch on the factors that will speak to that target market.

(0:03) Following these simple steps can help you define and leverage your target customers. And that can lead to more business.

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.