Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Have Passion

(1:07) One secret to excelling is having a passion for what you do. I've recently seen two instances of this. Instances where someone felt a joy and a commitment to providing us with an extraordinary experience.

(1:01) The first involved a gift of a dinner out. My husband and I do not eat meat, so before venturing out to a new restaurant we always check out the menu online to ensure we can be accommodated. In reality it is rare that we don't find a non-meat option, so we simply went to the restaurant without a second thought.

(0:53) We found the restaurant warm and inviting. The waitress was one of the best we have seen. But of course, the menu was completely devoid of meatless alternatives. Demonstrating that rare sense of being in tune with her customers, the waitress asked if we were having a problem with the menu. When we explained our situation she smiled broadly and exclaimed, "That's no problem. Our chef loves a challenge. Let me go talk to him - he'll create something just for you."

(0:43) She later appeared with an artfully arranged plate of a variety of seasonal vegetables. Each was individually prepared to bring out the best flavor for that vegetable. It was one of the best meals I have eaten. Then to top off the experience, the chef arrived at the table to ensure we were pleased and had enough to eat. He showed impressive pride and joy in his creation. We left feeling exceedingly special and told others who rushed the next night to ask for the same special creation. This chef showed a passion for cooking.

(0:32) Our second experience was having work done at a boatyard. Let's be honest - having work done on one's boat is never the highlight of the boating experience. This time we found a mechanic that treated our precious John Deere engines like his own.

(0:25) He not only performed the work we requested with skill and speed, he looked around to ensure all was well and pointed out several small issues that should also be addressed. I know you're thinking he was simply looking to add to the bill. But it wasn't that way.

(0:17) Most were items we could easily handle ourselves with a couple that took very little time. There is no doubt he saved us larger bills down the road. What was important to him was an engine that would work near flawlessly. He felt pride in knowing he had sent us on our way safely. He showed a passion for engines.

(0:09) When you have pride, joy, and, yes, passion for what you do, it shows. Treat every boater experience like it was your experience. Give them more than they expect and they'll give you more business.

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.