Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Services - Finer Points

(0:58) It's been great to see businesses accessing their Services information. Having complete and accurate data available for boaters is important. Based on questions I've received and moderating your entries, I've realized that there is some additional information needed for you to take full advantage of the Services feature.

(0:50) There is some confusion about how a business's record is stored in the Services database. Information for a business is only entered once creating a single record that contains the business name, address, phone, website, email, description, etc. Once the record has been entered, then the business can be associated with the service categories it offers. So a single business record may very well be listed under multiple services since many businesses offer multiple services.

(0:39) This is why the first step for adding a business to a Service category is to search for the business in the Add Business page. If the business does not appear you then should click the red, "Create new business" button. If the business does appear then simply select the business and click the Submit button to add the business to the Service category.

(0:32) Correcting business data information under one Service category (changing the contact email, for example) causes the change to appear across all Service categories. Of particular importance is the description field for the business. This field should have a general description of the business and all of the services that are provided. This description will appear in each Service category the business is entered in.

(0:23) It's important that you have a good email address listed in your record. You can even enter multiple if you wish. The email listed will not only provide a way for prospective customers to contact you - the preferred method for most boaters - it will also ensure that you receive notification when a boater writes a review for your business. Knowing what boaters are saying, and quickly following up if needed, is important for your business reputation.

(0:13) Finally, make sure you are claiming your business by selecting the "Yes" radio button under "Is this your business?" at the top of the record. There are more capabilities coming that will only be available if you have claimed your listing.

(0:07) There are more capabilities coming that I will be writing about in future Minutes. Now is the time to make sure you are properly listed and ready take advantage of them.

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.