Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Services - Business Entries

(1:01) Last week I wrote about how to create an account to utilize the Services feature in eBoatCards. If you missed the newsletter, you can find past Minutes on my blog - follow the link on the right.

(0:56) Once you are set up, click on Services at the top right of the page. This will display a list of all the Service categories. Active categories are shown as blue links. Those coming next are displayed in gray.

(0:51) Selecting a Service category will display businesses that provide that service using a map or list. The default display is a map with the businesses shown listed below. To obtain a full listing in alphabetical order click on List on the left side. Select About for a description of the Service category.

(0:44) To find out if a business is listed in a Service category type the business name in the search box under the service name. You can type in a partial name and it will find businesses containing that string.

(0:39) Click on a business to access the record. To make additions or corrections to the record, select Edit. There is a field near the bottom for optional notes. This is a place to provide additional information to help us in verifying your changes. Select Submit at the bottom to put the changes into the verification queue.

(0:31) If you do not find the business in the Service section you can add it by selecting Add Business located on the left.

(0:27) The first step is to search for the business in the database. Enter a string in the search box above the list. If the business appears in the list, select it, and then select Submit to place the business into the Service category.

(0:21) If the business does not appear, select Create a New Business which is highlighted in red. Fill in the record and select Submit.

(0:17) All additions and corrections to the database must be approved by an Admin before they are permanently entered. Make sure to add the business to other Service categories that are covered by the business.

(0:12) Note, the Services list was preloaded from marinas and boatyards in the ActiveCaptain database. If your business does not offer a service in a particular category, edit your record and check the "This business does not offer this service" checkbox.

(0:06) Having an accurate and complete list of marine services makes it easy for boaters to find you when they are looking for a specific service. That's good for business.

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.