Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Boost Your Reviews

(0:49) Increasing the number of boater reviews for your marina is an important ingredient for success. When boaters see a large number of reviews, it tells them that you are a destination they need to explore. It gives your ratings credibility, affords a chance for your happy customers to be your sales people, and can minimize the impact of an errant negative review.

(0:41) Encourage satisfied boaters to leave positive reviews. Many marinas are hesitant or embarrassed to do this - don't be. Most people enjoy offering their opinions and are more than happy to support the businesses they like. Today's consumers know that success means you'll be there for them in the future.

(0:32) An easy and effective approach is to post positive comments in a location where boaters will see them such as a bulletin board at check in, along with a reference to the review site. This simple action is not only a good way to promote your positive points, it can inspire a satisfied boater to do the same. Post positive reviews on your website with a link back to the review site making it easy for other customers to leave reviews.

(0:22) Do not discount the simple act of asking for a review. Few businesses ask their happy customers to speak out. When a boater compliments you in person, mention how important word of mouth is to your business. Provide a link to the review site.

(0:16) If you're an ActiveCaptain Sponsor, make sure you are using your Review Reminder Card. It is an effective way to ask for reviews while acting as a reminder later. Even with the best intentions, once a boater has thrown off their lines, it's easy to forget to enter a review. Running across your card later is a good reminder. Marinas who regularly give them out report an increase in their reviews.

(0:06) You've worked hard to build a good business. Make sure you are getting all of the recognition you deserve.

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.