Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It's Gotta Be Real

(0:50) I often speak to marinas who are struggling to understand, manage, and meet today's dramatically changed consumer expectations. The internet, mobile technology, and social media have created consumers who are no longer passive recipients of your marketing messages. They demand more and better information. They want access 24/7. And they actively seek and give advice and opinions with their peers.

(0:41) I've dedicated several Minutes to exploring these changes when I discussed the marketing concept ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth).

(0:36) My favorite quote from that series was from Kim Kadlec of Johnson & Johnson, "The traditional ad model is interrupting content, but the question now is: 'How do you become a part of the content?' How do you weave into somebody's experience in a way that's beneficial rather than detracting from that experience? That's the challenge and the opportunity."

(0:28) Look for ways that you can become part of the content. But that is just the beginning. A key component is to offer content that boaters want to see and will even seek out. Poor, irrelevant, or dishonest content will be rejected and will cause your potential customers to turn away. The key is to be "beneficial" and not "detracting".

(0:21) You see, we all have far more choices than ever before and this applies to where we seek information. Gone are the days where businesses could easily control the message. This is good for quality businesses with nothing to hide. I tell marinas "It's gotta be real!"

(0:14) So as you approach new technologies, new concepts, new opportunities, and new vehicles for your messages, think about how and what you can contribute to the content that boaters are seeking. Make your contribution useful and you will attract the attention of boaters.

(0:09) For example, don't simply tell me you're the best. If that is true your reviews will reflect it. Instead, give me a reason to come to the area, provide some expertise that will get you noticed, or highlight a service or amenity that boaters need. Give me something real.

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.