Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Don't Be Spam

(1:02) The beauty and the wonder of the internet and the digital technology that surrounds it is the easy access we all have to information and to each other. The scourge and the frustration is the easy access everyone has to us.

(0:53) Spam, banner ads, and fake SEO - digital technologies fall prey to abuse in new ways that affect all of us. If there's a new way to reach consumers, there will be someone quick to misuse it. Think of your own experience. Whether it's your inbox overrun with spam or Google searches that turn up useless sites, you are less likely to respond to the messages in the future and more likely to look for ways to turn the message off if you are not getting the information you need or want.

(0:40) Do not let your message become spam. Don't become that message that I want to get past, remove, or block. Be the message I'm looking for or are pleasantly surprised to find. Be the message that I seek out and want more information about.

(0:33) Often the difference between the two is providing the message boaters want to hear rather than the one you want to give them. The key is crafting your message to meet the needs and desires of the boaters you are trying to reach. After all, it's not about you, it's about the boaters.

(0:26) When you are considering your message, think of what you can offer that will help the boater. For example, if you are crafting a promotional message, do not simply list your amenities. To begin with, these are already listed in the appropriate sections of the ActiveCaptain marker data. Instead, highlight something that is unique like a nice dog park or a lap pool. List events that will draw boaters to the area and to your marina. Or write about something that has changed like newly renovated docks or bathhouses.

(0:14) When you are looking to contribute it is best not to simply present a promotion. Instead offer help, advice, and information. Don't say, "Come to my marina!" Say, "If you like jazz, don't miss the upcoming festival at..." This will put your marina name before all targeted boaters in a way that will be read and appreciated.

(0:05) Become an ambassador offering help and assistance and you will earn goodwill and business.

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.