Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's Time For A Party

(0:58) Fall is a busy transient time here on the US east coast. As we launch into our own cruising season, it has me thinking about how marinas can be more attractive to transients. I previous Minutes, I have discussed boaters' pets and touched on services that are desirable to a transient boater.

(0:49) There's another fairly simple way that you can attract transient boaters. Provide a way for boaters to readily socialize at your marina. Ask cruising boaters why they love the lifestyle, and meeting and getting to know other boaters will be high on the list. Many are drawn to locations where they may run into old friends and make new ones.

(0:42) Facilitating boater get togethers can be as simple or involved as your location and budget allows. Some marinas have arranged dinners with boaters purchasing meals. Others organize potluck meals or happy hours. Some simply provide a welcoming place where boaters can gather.

(0:34) Some examples of just a few such events that we have enjoyed over the years are:

(0:31) The Marina at Ortega Landing holds monthly themed parties in their beautifully appointed clubhouse with a small fee to attend. They also make the clubhouse available for gatherings such as a Super Bowl night with potluck hors d'oeuvres.

(0:24) River Dunes Marina opens their kitchen during the week to offer a Transients' Dinner with a fabulous buffet at a very reasonable price.

(0:19) Isle of Hope Marina has a terrific liveaboard community that holds a weekly potluck with transients welcome.

(0:15) Dowry Creek Marina is known up and down the east coast for its nightly boater get togethers. We've enjoyed an organized dinner, impromptu cocktail hours, and even a Chinese take-out night.

(0:09) Events like these create goodwill for your marina. They bring boaters back and create word-of-mouth marketing as boaters tell others about their enjoyable stay. And of course, a good way to let transients know about these events is with ActiveCaptain!

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.