Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Think Different

(1:07) I wrote about how creating a buzz can bring you valuable word of mouth marketing. I believe the best way to do this is to Think Different - provide boaters with the unexpected.

(1:01) Now I'd like to offer some ideas that may be different from what you have considered in the past. Think of them as inspiration and not as an all inclusive list. Think about what you can offer that may be unique for your marina.

(0:54) Do you have a service available that boaters need? Consider wooing them in with a special combining that service with their dockage. Think beyond what you alone offer and consider other businesses in the area - divers, routine engine maintenance, and canvas work are just a few that come to mind.

(0:45) Spend Two Nights, Detail Your Boat: Come in and spend two nights at My Marina and receive 30% off your slip price. In addition receive 30% off the cost of detailing your boat. Requires reservation 48 hours in advance to schedule boat detailing.

(0:38) Team with the local tourist association to help bring in boaters to the community. The boaters filling your marina will also be spending money at the nearby businesses.

(0:33) Sightseeing Special: Stay for two nights at My Marina and receive two free passes to XYZ Museum (or aquarium or other local attraction).

(0:29) Work with a local rental car company to obtain special rates on their slowest day. They rent more cars and you fill more slips.

(0:25) Dock and Drive: Reserve a slip for a Tuesday night and we'll provide a one day car rental so you can provision or just take in the sights.

(0:18) Don't limit the possibilities. Get your staff to brainstorm, talk to other businesses in your community and then give something a try. Don't forget to track your results, modify if needed, and most importantly, keep trying. You won't find success with all ideas but something will click as you explore and learn about what works for your situation.

(0:08) As Wayne Gretzky, arguably the most successful and talented hockey player that has ever played, once stated, "You miss one hundred percent of the shots you don't take."

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.