Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Do You Have a Review Growth Strategy?

(1:00) Increasing the number of boater reviews for your marina is critical for success on the Internet. A large number of reviews offers recognition as a destination, gives your ratings credibility, affords a chance for your happy customers to be your sales people, and can minimize the impact of an errant negative review.

(0:48) Encourage happy boaters to leave positive reviews. Many marinas are hesitant or embarrassed to do this - you shouldn't be. Most people like to offer their opinions and are more than happy to support businesses they like.

(0:40) An easy and often effective approach is to post positive comments in a location where your customers will see them, along with a reference to the review site. This simple action is not only a good way to promote your positive points, it can inspire a happy customer to do the same. Post positive reviews on your website with a link back to the review site making it easy for other customers to leave reviews.

(0:25) Do not discount the simple idea of just asking for a review. Few businesses ask their happy customers to speak out. When a customer comes in with compliments, mention how important happy customers like them are to your business. Provide a link to a review site. Point out other positive comments you have posted up.

(0:15) The restaurant industry has been doing this for some time. Some restaurants have been known to install computers open to the most popular review sites so customers can go online before leaving the restaurant. They understand the growing importance of customer reviews for their business's success.

(0:06) You've worked hard to build a good business. Make sure you are getting all of the recognition you deserve.

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.