Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Marina Lists

(1:02) Last week we combined the websites into a single new portal. The transition went well. Thank you for your patience.

(0:58) This week I want to begin going over some of the new features. The first are new and improved marina listing pages.

(0:54) Marina Lists were created to provide a way for Google to access the marina content for searching and star ratings. They turned into a popular way for boaters to quickly access information about marinas within a certain geography.

(0:48) Then boaters began asking for a way to edit data and write reviews from the Marina List page. We thought that was a great idea. That feature is now available on the new website.

(0:43) To access your page follow these steps after logging in:

1.  Select the More/Marina Lists near the top right and you'll be taken to a list of countries/states that have marina listings in ActiveCaptain.

2.  Clicking on the state or province will display a list of cities where a marina is located. Clicking on a city will display a list of marinas located in that city in alphabetical order.

3. Clicking on a country will display a list of marinas located in that country in alphabetical order.

(0:30) Find your marina and click on it. A page will display the information contained in ActiveCaptain. Notice the 6 tabs across the top.

(0:26) To add to or change the information, click the Edit listing link in the upper right. Notice that you can edit more than one field at a time. Click on the tabs to edit data under that tab. When you are finished with your edits, select the "Submit changes" button located at the top and bottom of the page. Clicking on "Cancel" will cancel all of the updates.

(0:14) Boaters can also enter a review for your marina by clicking on the "Write Review" button located at the top of every screen.

(0:10) The new marina listing pages provide a quick and easy way to update multiple fields and for boaters to write reviews. Access to them along with all anchorages, hazards, and local knowledge is also available on the new Live Map.

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.