Tuesday, August 1, 2017

ZMOT - The Exception is the Rule

(1:01) Consumers have always done research on products and services, whether it was chatting over the fence, going to the library to see Consumer Reports, or using a hotel, restaurant or other consumer guidebook. Zagat even sized their guides to fit in a pocketbook possibly making them one of the first mobile apps. The problem for most purchases however was quick, easy access. Finding good, recent information was the exception. But not anymore.

(0:51) Today there are virtually no barriers to accessing information about most anything - and we carry that access in our pockets. This allows consumers to create their own consumer guides every day as they read reviews, tweets, blogs, social network posts, videos, and more about products or services they are interested in. It is often during this moment of researching that decisions are made.

(0:41) Now when a boater is interested in cruising to Savannah they will typically begin by doing their own research for information and the research will typically be done online. They are no longer passive, they are active seekers of information and they expect to be satisfied. Kim Kadlec, worldwide vice president of Global Marketing Group for Johnson & Johnson describes it this way:

(0:32) "We're entering an era of reciprocity. We now have to engage people in a way that's useful or helpful to their lives. The consumer is looking to satisfy their needs, and we have to be there to help them with that. To put it another way: How can we exchange value instead of just sending a message?"

(0:23) You need to be ready for a boater's ZMOT 24/7. You need to help the boater find the information they seek that will lead them to your marina. The days of "call us for more information" are gone. You need to provide the critical information boaters want at the moment they want it because if you don't your competition will.

(0:13) The question to ask yourself is, are you ready for a boater who is at the Zero Moment of Truth?

(0:10) Make sure you are aware of how your marina is being presented during ZMOT. What do your potential customers see when they are doing their ZMOT research? Step back and take a look. In the next installment I'll look at things you can do to ensure they see what you want when they plan their cruises.

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.