Tuesday, June 13, 2017

It's a Gift

(1:10) Last week I saw an excellent example of how a marina can take a less than positive experience and, with a little effort, turn it around. A review came in for St. Johns Yacht Harbor in Charleston, SC updating a previous review from 2015.

(1:03) The boater originally gave the marina a 3 star review due to some issues with inadequate information about their slip. It led to a problem getting from the boat to a short finger pier, making it difficult for them to get on and off the boat. The boater felt, rightly so, that more information about the slip could have avoided the problem.

(0:54) The marina followed up the 3 star review with a sincere apology and an invitation to give them another try. The boater did just that, changed his review to 5 stars, and wrote the following:

In November 2015, I wrote a 3 star review that prompted marina management to contact me and encourage our return.  We returned 5/10/17 and experienced excellent docking assistance, on a tee dock this time, and took time to enjoy the setting and facilities. Would have extended our stay but hurricane damage (under repair) and other transients with reservations prevented another night's docking.  Look forward to the next time when we can stay longer.

    (0:34) The marina followed up with:

    Captain Bentley,

    We appreciate the opportunity to correct your original experience. We hope to see you again. Your feedback is a gift.

    SJYH Crew & Capt Stan

    (0:28) There are so many things I like about this interaction. The fact that the marina owned up to their shortfall and asked for another chance. Then they ensured the boater’s return experience would be excellent. The implication that a lesson was learned leading to better experiences for all boaters in the future.

    (0:20) But what I think I like best was Captain Stan’s final sentence, “Your feedback is a gift.”

    (0:16) Yes, all feedback from your customers is a precious gift. Never forget that.

    (0:13) It’s easy when the feedback is positive but it is actually negative feedback that is the greatest gift. Remember, whether the boater takes the time to write a negative review or not, the experience is still there. The boater will carry that experience forward to other boaters, all to your detriment.

    (0:06) However, by letting you know about the experience you are being given the opportunity to correct it. What a wonderful gift indeed.

    (0:02) And that's the marina minute.