Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A Boater's Input

(1:05) My Marina Minute focuses on things that I think may be helpful to marinas to improve their business. While most recipients are marina owners, managers, and staff, there are also some boaters who have been long time users of ActiveCaptain who follow the Marina Minute. They sometimes email me with comments and suggestions about the Minutes. I love this sort of interaction and always consider their input for future Minutes.

(0:52) A bit back I received an email from a seasoned, full-time liveaboard cruiser. She and her husband have put many miles under their keel from Maine to the Bahamas. They are also friends who's opinions I value.

(0:46) Her email addressed what would be her perfect marina experience. Here is what she wrote. If I were you, I would pay attention:

(0:42) I very much enjoy reading your Marina Minutes. It got me thinking: If I were to write one, what would I say?

(0: 39) My perfect marina experience starts with excellent communication before I arrive. Have a map of your docks with dimensions on your website. When I make a reservation, tell me:

  • Are your docks fixed or floating?
  • How long are the fingers? This helps me decide if I want to back in (so I can get off my boat), and if I need to be prepared to lasso a piling.
  • Is current an issue coming in, and/or, at the docks? This will help me decide on timing of my arrival and give a better docking experience.
  • What are the depths coming in and at the docks?
(0:23) If I know what to expect well before I arrive, I won't be disappointed.

(0:21) When I arrive, I want the dock hands to do exactly what I tell them to do with my lines, and do it as soon as I tell them to do it. If I am clear in my directions, that means I know what I am doing and I know how MY boat handles. Listen!

(0:14) Amenities that weigh heavily in my decision on which marina to visit:

  • Courtesy car
  • Excellent internet connection
  • Recycling bins that are well maintained
  • Clean bathrooms and showers

(0:09) And that's my Marina Minute.
  Owner of a Kadey Krogen 48.

(0:06) Offer boaters what they want and they will not only come back again and again, they will tell other boaters. And that is good for business.

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.