Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Optimize Your Response

(0:56) Last week I wrote about the importance of using your Management Response to shift the uncertainty created by a poor review into confidence in your marina. For your Response to have maximum impact, it is important to optimize your message.

(0:50) You must focus your Response to increase the likelihood it will be read and to drive your points home. A long rambling reply addressing every aspect of the review wastes everyone's time. Hone in on a few key points. Look for aspects that are important to the boating community at large. Then address those points in a simple and professional way. Highlight the positives while acknowledging and addressing the negatives.

(0:39) Match your Response to the type of review you are replying to. If it is a positive review you can make your Response cheerful and upbeat. If you are addressing a negative review you may wish to tone it down, showing your concern and including what you are doing to fix the issue.

(0:32) Think about the words you use. Avoid negative, vague, or pompous language. Make sure your Response isn't "canned" or uncaring. While it seems obvious that you will address specific issues of a negative review, it is also important to mention specifics from a positive review. It lets boaters know that you read their reviews carefully and take them to heart.

(0:23) Ensure your Response is readable. Too many short choppy sentences can feel jarring. While many long flowing sentences can become tedious. Check your spelling and grammar. If that is not your strong point, find someone who can check it for you.

(0:17) Overall, make your Response inviting and friendly, yet professional. Consumers report that they give a Management Response the same scrutiny as the original review. A well done Response can underscore a positive review, build up a mediocre review, and turn around a poor review.

(0:10) So what is the best way to sharpen your Management Response skill? Get writing! Practice makes perfect. In the beginning, don't hesitate to write a Response, sleep on it, and edit or write it again. Over time you will find your voice and what works best for you.

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.