Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Spot On

(1:06) I try to bring a unique perspective to marina marketing. I speak with boaters, dockhands, marina managers and owners. I see countless reviews and Partner Management Responses. I am also privy to many behind the scenes communications between boaters, marinas, and ActiveCaptain. And I liveaboard as a full-time cruiser.

(0:58) I'm often ask how I get my ideas for the Marina Minute. Many of them come simply from my day-to-day experiences. Sometimes they come easy, sometimes hard, and every once in a while an idea comes on a silver platter.

(0:54) We received an email from a boater who wrote a 3 star review for Brewer Oxford Boat Yard and Marina, an ActiveCaptain Partner. He was praising the Management Response to his review from the Marina Manager. The boater wrote, "I would consider Brewer's response spot on..." I heartily agree.

(0:47) The boater wrote a detailed review explaining the things that he liked about his stay and those he did not - a classic 3 star review. Brewer Oxford responded with equal detail, addressing the boater's feedback. The full exchange would take the whole Minute, so I will just highlight some points. You can read the full text at the link below under Reviews in the Brewer Oxford Boat Yard and Marina marker. It is the review from Captain Toujours405 dated August 31, 2016:

(0:33) The boater pointed out many things he liked including the great staff, nice showers, the new boater's lounge. He stated, "There’s a lot to like about the marina." But he then went on to describe where they fell short - the docks and pool which he felt were in need of upgrades.

(0:26) Graham Norbury, the Marina Manager, used the Partner Management Response to offer the perfect reply, “Thanks for the feedback! We've been pretty busy with repairs and upgrades since being acquired by Brewer in 2014.” He went to to describe what they've done. He followed up with, “There's still more to do though, and as you rightly point out the docks need replacing.” And described what projects are planned. He concluded with, “Come see us again and check on progress!”

(0:13) It was beautiful, sincere, and helpful. As a boater reading this exchange, I see that he cares about the boater experience, appreciates honest feedback, and understands what needs to be done to resolve the problems. He doesn't shirk from the problems, he owns them, and addresses them head on.

(0:05) Responding to a 3 star review is challenging. Follow Graham's lead and do it honestly and openly. You'll see more business.

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.