Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Generate More Reviews

(1:15) No matter how good your ratings are, every savvy business needs a strategy for generating more reviews. The basic goals should be twofold, increase the sheer number of reviews and constantly generate new reviews.

(1:09) Having a large number of reviews accomplishes two things. First, they minimize and even negate the effect of an occasional negative review. Every business will eventually receive a negative review. It also lends more credibility to your positive reviews. Let's face it, see one great review and you think “It could be their mother,” but see 10, 20, or more and you think, “Wow, this must be a great place.”

(0:59) It is also important to have reviews that are fresh so boaters know that your are still a topnotch marina. New reviews will tend to hold more weight. So while having a history of positive reviews certainly bodes well, if you do not have relatively current ones, boaters may wonder if you are still maintaining your high standards.

(0:50) So what's the best strategy for getting more positive reviews? Simple. Ask.

(0:48) This suggestion makes some uncomfortable. It shouldn’t. A boater who has had a good experience is often happy to help out businesses they like. The reality is you only need a small percentage of boaters to write positive reviews to have a big impact.

(0:40) Make sure you are capturing the low hanging fruit. Do you have long term or repeat customers that you've developed a good relationship with? Tell them you are developing your online presence and ask them to write a review. You may be surprised how many are willing to help out a business they respect and like.

(0:30) If you've had an interaction that was significant, a large maintenance project, an employee who went above and beyond, for example, ask if the boater was satisfied and would be willing to write a review.

(0:25) Of course, anytime a boater sings your praises, thank him, and remind him to write a review. Make it easy and you'll be more likely to get a positive response.

(0:18) Your Welcome Packet should include a message from management letting boaters know you strive to provide a positive experience. Provide a phone number or email that will be responded to, so if a problem does arise it can be resolved prior to them writing a review. Explain to them that your business depends on the word of mouth of happy customers and tell them you hope they will leave a review.

(0:05) There is absolutely nothing more important to your continued success than positives reviews. Don't leave it to chance.

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.