Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Best Isn't Enough

(1:09) Being the best marina or boatyard isn't enough. Boaters have to actually believe that you are the best. Of course, you could simply tell them you're the best but frankly they're unlikely to believe you.

(1:02) While it has always been the case that customers are skeptical of what a business says about themselves, it is more so today. The advent of online reviews, Facebook, boater blogs, and a myriad of other ways that consumers now share their experiences makes it far easier to find out what others think of a business.

(0:51) Today, if you're going to make a claim you'd better be prepared to prove it.

(0:49) Don't think you can fool boaters with beautiful pictures and flowery prose. And if you think you can point to an "expert", be careful. As the line between advertising and the editorial content in magazines, guidebooks, and other traditional media continues to blur, boaters have become only more skeptical.

(0:39) The key is providing your potential customers with real information backed up by reviews from your actual customers. A testimonial page may peak my interest but you'd better be able to back it up with an unbiased source as well.

(0:32) Make sure your claims are concrete. For example, You might state, "We're the ideal location for provisioning your boat." Then back it up with, "A grocery store, hardware store, etc. are a 10 minute walk." Or "Use the courtesy car to visit the local Publix, Walmart,..."

(0:22) But mostly make sure your claims are real and supported by the boating community. After all, it’s easier to convince people that what you say about your business is true if it really is.

(0:15) Before you start promoting the advantages of your marina take the time and money to invest in making sure all aspects are top notch. You will typically have one shot to prove your claims. Don't put yourself in the positions of needing to convince boaters they are mistaken about what they believe to be true.

(0:04) Give boaters real advantages with concrete proof and you'll see more business.

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.