Tuesday, October 20, 2015

We're Partners

(1:09) We started the ActiveCaptain Sponsor program in 2011. At the time, many discussions ensued about what to call it. We chose Sponsor because we knew that it would take financial support from marinas to make the project grow.

(1:03) There are many costs involved in running a service like ActiveCaptain. We now spend more for our internet servers each month than we spent in our first two years. It's because of the support of Sponsors that we can continue to enhance the capabilities that we provide. It allows us to be out there in the cruising community, full-time, living the life rather than sitting in an office thinking about it.

(0:55) More and more as I talk with marinas about what becoming a Sponsor means I have found myself uncomfortable with the term "Sponsor." I realized it doesn't accurately describe the relationship we have with you.

(0:50) A Google search turned up this definition for sponsor: a person or organization that provides funds for a project or activity carried out by another.

(0:46) That's wrong. It implies a separation between you and us that I do not believe exists. An ActiveCaptain Sponsor is so much more than simply a source of revenue. We're partners.

(0:41) Our success depends on your success. We strive to work with you to help you build your business by understanding what is important to boaters and how to satisfy their needs.

(0:36) So we are changing the name to ActiveCaptain Partner. I know there will be some who will say, "It's just a word." But it's more than that to us.

(0:31) We don't accept every marina who wants to be a partner. We want quality marinas shown either by strong reviews from boaters or a will and a plan to improve. We love to help marinas step up. That's because we want to make a difference, not just cash your check.

(0:24) I was recently copied on an email from a marina we refused to work with. It was sent to a staff member and in part said, "Why are you requesting permission to becomes a sponsor? Just get it filled out and paid." I'm sorry but we don't work that way.

(0:16) So if you want a company that simply wants to take your money and throw up a banner ad or featured listing, send me an email. I can give you several of them.

(0:11) If you want a partner who is invested in helping you be more successful, who wants an exchange of ideas, who hopes to educate you while also learning from you, then you are in the right place reading this.

(0:06) After all, it's not just a business for us. It's our life. And when you win, we all win. I'm proud to call you Partner.

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.