Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Your Electronic Card Rack

(1:06) It's not uncommon to see one of those racks of business cards for marine services in a marina's lobby. Some marinas have them stacked around the check-in area. Others have folders or notebooks of contact information.

(1:00) I've written numerous times about the importance of letting boaters know about the services available nearby - grocery, medical, hair cutting, and of course, any marine services. Gaining access to a service I need can often be what decides which marina I choose.

(0:54) Last week's minute said that we'd be expanding the categories for our new Services feature. eBoatCard Services allows boaters to search for marine services including things like boat brokers, engine repair, bottom painting, and more. They can find contact information and a description of the service provided. But the most popular feature is that boaters can write reviews about the specific services they've used.

(0:45) The advantages of this new capability may seem obvious to a boatyard or marina that also offers marine services. But what about the business that is a marina only? How can this help you?

(0:40) It can provide you with an electronic card rack of marine services. But this card rack has some important advantages.

(0:36) The most significant advantage is timing. Let's face it, if I am standing in your marina office, looking through the card rack, then that card rack did not bring me into your marina.

(0:31) But if you have an electronic card rack that I can examine when I'm seeking a marina, now you'll have a real marketing tool that can give me a reason to choose you.

(0:27) I know and understand that many marinas are hesitant to recommend a nearby service. What if things go wrong? So as a boater I am left to stare at the cards and guess which one is right for me. With the electronic version, I can read reviews from fellow cruisers and make a more informed decision.

(0:21) Over the summer I will be writing more about this new feature including basic how-to's and some ideas about how you can utilize the capability to bring in more business.

(0:15) Last week we released the category for Canvas, Upholstery. We are releasing 19 boatyard service categories this week. Make sure you're familiar with the categories that will be covered. You can check out the service categories here: 


(0:08) Start to think about the services you can offer either directly or through other businesses in the area. Give boaters every reason possible to visit your marina and you'll be rewarded with more visitors.

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.