Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Finding Yes

(1:01) A few weeks ago I wrote about Meco, a dockhand here at Great Harbour Cay Marina who exemplifies how to make boaters feel happy. We've been here for over a month now and have gotten to know the staff pretty well. I've come to see that the commitment to customer service runs deep at this marina. It's a testament to management, keeping and motivating truly good people.

(0:53) To me, Meco, Ramon, and Kimberly define great customer service. Ramon sees us on our cockpit and tells us our bread order arrived at the office. Before I can say I'll go get it, he smiles and says, "I'll go get it for you."

(0:46) Kimberly in the office greets us like an old friend. She'll call BTC to check on hours, a restaurant to arrange a dinner, or whatever we need while never making us feel like it's an intrusion.

(0:40) Last week I experienced the quintessential example of over-the-top customer service when Kimberly wouldn't stop until she was able to tell us, "Yes!"

(0:35) The mail boat from Nassau did not make its scheduled trip leaving transient boaters looking for alternatives to satisfying their culinary needs. I had heard about a restaurant that had a Pizza and Beer night on Wednesday, so I went to the office to check it out. I confirmed the event but wanted to check with friends about coming along. A bit later I was back talking to Kimberly who called but found they weren't accepting any more reservations.

(0:24) Devastated I went back to break the news to the other boaters. Within 30 minutes Kimberly came down the dock to tell us she had tracked down a local chef who was willing to make and deliver pizzas to our boat.

(0:19) A little after seven we sat on the cockpit with friends as two pizzas were delivered. It was fabulous pizza and a wonderful evening. We were left satisfied and feeling special.

(0:14) It would have been easy for Kimberly to give a sincere "I'm sorry" and move along. That would have met my expectations. But Kimberly wouldn't stop there. She worked until she found a way to tell us, "Yes!" What a rare and wonderful trait.

(0:08) Next time you are in a situation where you must tell a boater "No," stop, and consider if there is a way to say "Yes." Make it a goal to try to say "Yes" to every reasonable request and you will see more repeat business.

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.