Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Know Your Weather

(0:55) Everyone is interested in the weather. Do I need a jacket? Umbrella? Will we have to move that Sunday picnic inside? As much as the whims of mother nature affect the lives of those on land, the impact is ten-fold for those of us who live on the water. A blow that might knock over someone's planters can create a scary, if not dangerous, situation for us. So it's important that you know what is happening weather-wise in your region.

(0:46) From a purely business standpoint, it can let you know if that boat club might be canceling their reservations. Or that some of your transients could be staying an extra day or two. If you have empty transient slips you might want to consider a special "Storm Deal" - Come in out of the weather and tie securely to our docks.

(0:39) Of course, the reverse is true as well. If it's going to be a spectacular weekend you may want to think of how you can accommodate last minute reservations from boaters taking advantage of the weather.

(0:34) Being on top of the weather shows boaters that you understand what is important to them and want to satisfy their needs. It's a subtle but telling message when I go into the office to extend my stay due to weather and I hear, "There's bad weather coming?" vs "You don't want to be out in that. It looks like it'll settle down on Monday and that'll give you a chance to try that little bakery in town."

(0:25) It is not unusual for marinas to post the weather forecast at the office. I've even been at marinas that drop off a printed forecast on our cockpit. If there is a TV in the office it should be on a weather channel.

(0:19) Having local weather knowledge is a valuable asset to boaters that can create terrific goodwill. Good advice when coming into an unfamiliar marina is always appreciated. "Winds will be pushing you off the dock so we'll have an extra hand to help," builds my confidence. A friendly warning like, "If you're leaving today heading south, you might find steep, choppy waves," can prevent an unhappy day on the water.

(0:10) You should know which weather conditions can cause problems in your area and let boaters know. The most experienced of boaters will appreciate a knock on the side with, "Winds will be coming strong from the NE tonight pushing you against the dock. A few extra fenders would be a good idea. I can help you put them out."

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.