Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Levi is a Salesman

(1:05) Over the years we have had dozens of people do work on our boat, from bottom painting, to engine work, to electronics, to detailing. What we have found is that people tend to fall into one of three categories - those who want to get the job done, those who want to do a good job, and those who want to make the boater happy. The last group is what customer service is all about and, alas, is rather rare. So when I run across someone from the third group, I take note, not only for future work on aCappella, but as an example in these Minutes.

(0:50) We had our boat washed and waxed while having work done at a yard which is how we met Levi. Levi manages 2-3 guys and does the detailing work for the yard. Prior to his arrival at the boat I was chatting with a fellow boater who told me, "He's not cheap but boy is he worth it. It will be the best waxing job you'll ever have." That peaked my interest. It can also be dangerous to have such high expectations. But in this case, our expectations were actually exceeded. aCappella hasn't looked this good, ever.

(0:38) That led me to analyze what it was about Levi that made the experience and the outcome so exceptional. Like so much in life, it was the little things. But it all boils down to the fact that Levi's goal is to make every boater he works with happy.

(0:32) It starts with his attitude. He's happy, he's friendly, he's interested. You sense he loves his work and takes great personal pride in what he does. He engages you, finding out what it is you desire, including things you may not realize. For example, he asked about our cruising plans, discovered we were heading to the Bahamas, and said, "With all that sun you'll want a heavier coat of wax, so we'll do the hull by hand as that leaves more wax behind than a buffer." Levi provided us with something we didn't even know we wanted because he took time to understand us.

(0:19) The relationship doesn't end when he leaves the boat either. He stopped by to ask if we were happy with the job. He pointed out a few problem areas we need to work on. He described how we could best maintain her to help the waxing last longer. He even agreed to stop back and go over the various products we had accumulated over the years to show us which to use and which to avoid.

(0:10) He made me feel that my boat, my home, was important to him. The result is not only a very happy customer - mission accomplished Levi - but someone who will make this a destination to come back to again and again. Levi probably thinks of himself as a detailer. But really, he's a fantastic salesman.

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.