Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Time(ly) is Money

(1:03) Marinas that carry fuel should be receiving a fuel update email every Monday. Using this email is the easiest way to keep your prices current. As I've discussed in previous Minutes, keeping your fuel price up to date is an important way to bring in more business. I dedicated a Minute to the topic a year ago:

(0:55) It was discussed again in May of this year:

(0:51) Based on feedback from boaters and marinas alike, we have implemented several new features to make finding fuel easier while giving boaters greater confidence in the pricing data presented.

(0:46) The first is a second weekly email which goes out now on Thursday mornings to provide an additional reminder to update your fuel price. It offers a second opportunity to modify your price and/or date. So now you should be receiving a fuel update reminder on Mondays and Thursdays.

(0:39) Remember, updating your fuel pricing is not just about the price. The date associated with the price is equally important. It is the date that tells boaters that your price is current. This is so important for providing boaters with reliable fuel data that we have implemented a new feature - fuel price expiration.

(0:32) Every night the ActiveCaptain database searches for fuel prices that are more than a month old. When found, these entries are removed and an email is sent to the marina's contact. Some of you may have received these emails already. Included with the email is a link to your fuel update page making it easy to bring your pricing up to date.

(0:24) The final enhancement is a new Fuel List page:

(0:20) The Fuel List page is a quick way for boaters to see a list of marinas that carry fuel in a selected area along with their pricing information. It allows the data to be sorted by marina name or by fuel price. We are seeing a lot of use already.

(0:14) And there's more coming. A future enhancement will allow boaters to mash their route with the fuel prices in the database. This will allow them to better plan their fuel stops along their intended path. If your fuel price is not up to date, it will not be included in their analysis.

(0:07) Make sure you are providing boaters with the critical information they need when making their fuel purchase decisions. If you are not receiving your update emails please let me know.

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.