Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Keep Your Message Fresh

(1:06) This week’s Minute is a repeat of an early Minute. Given some of the dated Pro-Ops and websites I’ve seen lately, I felt it needed another viewing.

(1:00) Paper, the printing press, digital publishing, the World Wide Web: these are all advances that fundamentally changed the way we communicate and even live. It is a common mistake when faced with new and radically different technologies that we fail to take advantage of what is new and different and simply try to use the new technologies in old ways.

(0:51) So we see website content that never changes. Banner ads that mimic an outdated print ad. And other static messages appearing on a medium where the power lies in it's dynamic nature. To fully take advantage of the Web's power you need to keep your content and messages fresh and dynamic also.

(0:42) Give your customers a reason to visit your website again and again by having timely, useful content. Include upcoming events happening in your area, any news about your facility, recent photographs, and anything else that boaters will find helpful.

(0:33) If you are using the ActiveCaptain Sponsor Pro-Op/Co-Op/Cross-Promotions, make sure that you are updating your messages to reflect changing seasons, upcoming special events, special offers, or simply to experiment with the message you give. You can modify your messages as often as you wish. This allows you to try something new, different, innovative, and measure the results. Then try something else to determine the type of messages that attract new business. You should update each of these message types weekly or monthly, don't let them become stagnant. This will generate interest and freshness and attract boaters to come see what's new electronically.

(0:08) Success today requires effectively using every tool at your disposal. Don't waste the power of the Web. Work its advantages and you will see more business.

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.