Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Grow Your Reviews

(0:56) I've writte about how you can minimize the impact of a negative review by having many positive reviews surrounding it. It is important to note that your business doesn't live or die from a single review, good or bad. Consumers today are savvy about online reviews and know how to interpret the outliers. But to do that we need a lot of input from our peers. Which restaurant would you choose, the 5 star with 3 reviews or the 4 star with 100?

(0:44) Increasing the number of boater reviews for your marina is critical for success. A large number of reviews offers recognition as a destination, gives your ratings credibility, affords a chance for your happy customers to be your sales people, and can minimize the impact of an errant negative review.

(0:37) Never turn down an opportunity for a positive review. How? Ask! Encourage every happy boater to leave a review. Many marinas are hesitant or embarrassed to do this - you shouldn't be.

(0:32) Do not discount the simple idea of just asking for a review. Few businesses ask their happy customers to speak out. When a customer comes in with compliments, mention how important happy customers like them are to your business.

(0:22) Another easy and often effective approach is to post positive comments in a location where your customers will see them along with a reference to the review site. This simple action is not only a good way to promote your positive points, it can inspire a happy customer to do the same. Post positive reviews on your website with a link back to the review site making it easy for other customers to leave their own reviews.

(0:12) The restaurant and hotel industries has been doing this for a long time. They understand the growing importance of customer reviews for their business's success.

(0:06) You've worked hard to build a good business. Make sure you are getting all of the recognition you deserve.

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.