Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Know Your Hazards

(1:01) We've been moving steadily north along with many other boaters along the US east coast. The days have been longer as we try to put on a few more miles to get home to Maine for the summer. It's when we find ourselves in this traveling mode that we really come to appreciate the value of ActiveCaptain hazards. Following the advice and instructions of boaters who have come before us has made our cruising more relaxing and enjoyable. Are you utilizing the hazards near you to your advantage?

(0:50) Yes, I did mean "advantage." When we first introduced the hazard markers we had marinas that contacted us wanting the ones near them removed. They were concerned that if boaters saw a hazard, it would scare them away from the marina. They didn't realize that it was the best thing for boaters as well as an incredible benefit to the marina.

(0:42) ActiveCaptain works because it's real. It provides the kind of honest, accurate information that today's consumers have come to expect. Gloss, hype, and superlatives no longer work. Marinas lose stars in reviews when boater's expectations don't match reality. So it's important for you to ensure that boater experiences are positive and that the only unexpected finding is an unexpected positive one.

(0:34) Based on boater feedback, the ActiveCaptain hazard markers are one of the most appreciated aspects of what we do. Why? Because they help remove uncertainty. They make the inevitable issues boaters encounter along the way more manageable.

(0:28) You see, the hazard, whether it is shoaling, an underwater obstruction, or a missing marker, exists whether there is a yellow marker on it or not. If a boater encounters that hazard on their way to your marina, they will be having a bad experience. However, if they can be warned and even offered information about how to avoid the hazard, there is no bad experience.

(0:19) There are some marinas that have taken on the task of keeping hazard markers near them up-to-date and accurate. Some contact local towing services or the Coast Guard, and some even periodically take a skiff out to measure depths and check on current conditions. I think that's really smart.

(0:12) If you have areas that boaters will encounter on their way to your marina that can cause problems, don't try to hide them, shine a light on them and help the boater arrive safely at your facility. Locate any hazards near you and make it your goal to keep the information current. Put a comment on the hazard with your marina's name to let them know the information is real, local knowledge. The boating community will benefit and so will you.

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.