Tuesday, October 22, 2013

50% of Your Customers...

(0:54) We all have the experience of not noticing things that are right in front of us day after day. It often takes someone new with a willingness to openly say what they think to receive fresh input. I think a fresh look is critical if you wish to improve and be more successful.

(0:46) One thing that we do when we visit a partner marina is talk to them about the things we see as we walk around and use the facilities. I think everyone can be helped by a new set of eyes and ears taking it all in. We often see things, good and bad, that the marina never thought about or even noticed. It is often the small things that mean the difference between a 4 and 5 star experience for a boater. And that difference can mean more or less business for you.

(0:36) Something that I've seen increase over the years are large screen televisions placed in or around the marina office. It's a nice touch and gives boaters something to look at while checking in or waiting for help. Some even have seating nearby so boaters can sit and watch if they like.

(0:30) What surprises me is the large number of marinas that run one of the 24 hour news stations. I assume the intent is to offer something interesting while providing boaters with a chance to catch up with the news. The problem is that no matter what station you select, you are at risk of annoying or even offending 50% of your customers.

(0:22) Good or bad, these stations have become politically polarizing with individuals often having strong feelings for or against a particular station. I do not believe there is one that would be seen as neutral by everyone or even by a majority of your customers. Why risk turning off half your customers? You might think you know the political leanings of your customers. But in reality, you don't. Transient boaters are coming from places far and wide with great diversity in their backgrounds.

(0:11) A far better alternative is to run the weather channel. Now that's information that every boater is interested in. As a plus, rather than creating the potential for a political divide, you will bring boaters together. After all, what boater doesn't like to talk about the weather?

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.