Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Three Dimensional Pricing

(1:16) I believe to be successful today you need to be able to think different. Look beyond the staid. Consider new and unusual ways to grab your customer's attention and get them to give you a try. I've offered examples in the past - free dockage, combining services, and working with nearby businesses.

(1:07) You want to grab a boater's attention and create that critical word-of-mouth buzz that gets you noticed and remembered. Three dimensional pricing is one way to do this.

(1:02) We're all familiar with those ubiquitous 10% off for this or that club or organization. Yawn...sorry, I drifted off and so do your customers. You can do better.

(0:56) It's very common to offer slip discounts for weekly or monthly dockage. This fits my criteria of a discount that changes behavior. Boaters will seek out these deals and it is no wonder why when you compare the cost of single night dockage rates to a weekly or monthly rate. Those single nights are an expensive way to cruise.

(0:48) So why not take this same discount philosophy where a boater commits to more dockage and receives a discount, and then push that into a third dimension? The third dimension could be either a time split or multiple boats traveling together.

(0:42) Here's an example. We worked with a Partner marina that offered a "split week." They're located at a popular river cruise destination and close to provisioning. Stopping there for a couple of days allows boaters to come in and get ready for their river cruise. When coming back, they'll stop again to finish out their pre-paid week. By letting them split the weekly rate, the made it a no brainer for boaters to pay for a full week instead of just one or two nights.

(0:31) If you're somewhere along a snowbird migration path, consider a "split season" offering. Boaters pay for a week or a month and can split the time at both ends of their cruising season. You're locking them in, creating habits, and getting them to stay for longer periods of time than normal.

(0:23) Or why not take your weekly rate and offer it to multiple boats that come in together for one night? For example, if you typically offer a weekly rate that is 7 days for the price of 4, why not charge 7 boats that come in together a transient rate of 4/7ths? That 42% discount will get noticed quickly. I can easily argue that you are not only getting the same monetary value, you are also getting 7 times the exposure to boaters who will then write positive reviews and spread the word. It all happens by using a third dimension in your pricing.

(0:08) It's time to think outside the usual. Try new things, measure your results, and learn what works.

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.