Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Welcome Packet - What's Happ'n

(0:58) If you've read the previous Minutes, you've put together or revamped your Welcome Packet to include information about the amenities available at your marina as well as information about services that are nearby. If you do this, you'll make the boater's experience better by making sure they are aware of the services available.

(0:51) Now let's think about how you can make your marina a destination boaters will plan for - one that will make them want to stay a bit longer, and may even get them to come back. How? Events.

(0:46) Some of our most memorable stops have been when we have attended a festival, seen a show, or joined in a boaters' potluck or party. One of our worst frustrations has been missing one of these events because we just didn't know when they were occurring. Few boaters want to simply sit at the dock. They want to get out and do something.

(0:38) Make sure your Welcome Packet includes information about events that boaters can attend. Think about this broadly and include all you can find. Not only will interests be widespread but seeing an event calendar that looks full and varied can entice overnight transients to extend their stay or plan on a longer one in the future.

(0:29) Like the rest of the Welcome Packet begin with what is happening at the marina. Include regular happenings, such as a Friday night potluck or your monthly party, and special events, like a Super Bowl Party.

(0:23) Then move out into the nearby community. Start by checking with your local city or town hall to see if they maintain a calendar. Ask your Chamber of Commerce. Contact local theaters, historical societies, and other organizations to see if they have a brochure of their activities you can include. Check the local paper - many have events calendars for the area.

(0:14) Make sure to include regular events like a weekly farmer's market, exercise classes, and even that Wednesday Ladies' Night at a local restaurant. Get the word out that you are willing to promote these events to boaters and you will find the events coming to you.

(0:08) No one wants to miss out. Make sure every transient knows what's happening during their stay. After all, who wants to hear about that great Mardi Gras party the morning after? Show boaters a good time and they will reward you with repeat business and positive reviews.

(0:02) And that's the marina minute.